Should I confess to him or wait?

In physical education, we were playing “tag” with a soccer ball as we’d throw it at another person. I was playing with my best friend as well as my crush and a couple others.

When one of my crushes friends had finally gotten the ball, he started chasing me waiting to throw it a me. Whilst he finally threw it, my friend told me exactly what my friend said.

“He said just hit her gently”.

We have made eye contact in class a lot of times i’d catch him staring at me as well. I’m not quite sure if he even likes me.

Usually at the first period we have math. His best friend is sitting in front of me. Normally my crush wouldn’t come over there although, he just went over there.

Since i’m right behind him I noticed him glancing at my binder as he finally said something about “computer stickers” that were at the end of my binder as my friends has placed there.

I often notice him stare at me when he is done his lunch or face towards me. Or so, i’d find him staring at me when the person beside him isn’t there.

We’d always have small conversations together nothing too big, although we do laugh at some jokes we make.

He made fun of my height quite a bit as well as gave me advice for my back pains etc. We’ve had a lot of small talk here and there and sometimes share the same opinions.

I’m not quite sure about what to do.

How do I admit my feelings to him?
Should I confess to him or wait?
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