Why do some men hide that they’re attracted to a woman?

I was visiting my best friend for her graduation and she had group of friends that I went with her to greet. There was one guy that was the first one she picked up before going to the bonfire. Throughout the days I don’t recall him looking at me nor did I had any idea he found me attractive.

It was one moment while my best friend was taking pictures the guy and I sat down waiting on her outside. We made small talk and he asked some questions about where I’m from etc.
My best friend’s family and friends including me we all ended up going to the restaurant and the guy was a complete gentleman towards me throughout the entire night. I decided to ride with him back to my best friend’s house and that’s when I was aware that he was attracted to me along with him saying “You’re really leaving today? I wish I gotten the opportunity to get to know you more.”

I feel like I over looked so many men because from my peripheral vision if I don’t see a guy directly looking at me then I assume he’s not attracted so I don’t look.

Why do some men do this?
Why do some men hide that they’re attracted to a woman?
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