He says he knows my smell--does he like me?

There is a man that works in the building I live in who I occasionally see around. I flirt with him and he flirts with me too but conservatively since I think he doesn't want to get in trouble with management.
The other day, he saw me in the building and said "I smelled your scent in the elevator, so I knew you were here today."

Then the other day he said to me that he thinks I smell good.

Another time I ran into him after not seeing him for a couple months and he said "Hey! How've you been? Long time no see!" and i briefly chatted with him and then said "Well anyway, I know you're busy--" and he cut me off with immediately saying "--I always have time for you."
Is he just being nice and friendly or does he maybe like me?
He says he knows my smell--does he like me?
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