HHow do I deal with the pain of being led on by a guy at work who had a girlfriend?

He was flirting and pursuing me inviting me to drink with him in the park (i never went) and kept trying to get to know me and talk to me at work. Then like months into this i found out accidentally that he has a girlfriend.
I was so hurt and broken inside. I guess i mostly moved on from that pain but now he got promoted and i thought he was going to be our teams boss but now i heard from coworkers that he's going to be working in a totally different team as a leader.

He didn't tell me this. I thought he was coming back soon but now i found out he's basically gone for good.

I feel so led on. He flirted with me til the end of his time here. So dont come at me telling me he has a girlfriend blah blah blah. He never mentioned her when he was all over me hitting on me nonstop for months. So i dont wanna hear that excuse. He played with my emotions so much. I guess he really never cared about me at all and just wanted sex (i dont do premarital sex by the way so he failed) and he was just after that and didn't give a fuck about me at all.

Why lead me on so much though? I get people can say he was bored at work and wanted to flirt. But he put so much effort to get me to open up. I am a very shy quiet girl. I dont even like flirting for the hell of it.

He also once told me 'i know someone who might want to date you in th future'... Does that not sound like he is saying he wants to date me? I was so led on. I guess another sign he didn't care was he never wished me happy birthday. Even though i did to him.

I want to go home and burst into tears and cry hard and loud for days. But now i am at work still and can't do it yet. I am so alone
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I hate my life
HHow do I deal with the pain of being led on by a guy at work who had a girlfriend?
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