Is it worth confronting the guy who hurt me?

Looong story short: i was really into a guy and i started to fall for him. After 6 months of being together he suddenly ghosted me. After leaving me confused as hell, he randomly kissed me when i had to drop something off at his house. When i was there and after he kissed me, i saw women's toilettries and clothes in his bathroom. I asked him about it and he blatantly said it belongs to one of his many girlfriends. I was so in shock my jaw dropped. I couldn't even reply properly. Now that a few days have passed and i thought about it i'm debating whether to confront him or not. I feel like he might not even care since he obviously would not have said such a thing if he did care. On the other hand I need him to know how much he hurt me and i did not deserve it. I never did wrong by him and how he treated me is so disgusting. Im repulsed honestly and i feel sick. Should i let him know or just pretend i dont care?
Is it worth confronting the guy who hurt me?
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