Was this rude and do you think I blew it?

Locksmith did me a favour and I paid him cash with a tip because I was typing grateful for what he did

I gave him the money and he said thank you and took it, didn't even look down

I walked backwards a couple of steps with a soft smile looking at him then the money, then he looked down at it and said 'its too much' and I responded with 'keep it!

Then he looked down at the money and said 'awwwww' and 'oohh' with a pouty face for a good 20 seconds and kept looking down at the money then I just turned around and walked off

He went 'aarrrgggh' as I walked away but when I got to my car and looked back he was staring then quickly looked away and went back into his office

Was I rude and I panicked and didn't know what to say!!! Have I blown it?

What do you think he thinks?
Was this rude and do you think I blew it?
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