Do you ever get women to do men's stuff for you?

Nope this isn't a sex question (sorry) I'm talking about the kind of things you feel you should be naturally capable of doing since you're a man but can't quite manage.

For example
You need a new headlight bulb or windscreen wiper for your car. You know you'll struggle to fit it so you'll send your wife to the shop because it's ok for a woman to ask them to fit it.

Or you need a spare part at a DIY.. store but don't know it's real name. Much easier to send her in to ask for one of these thingamajigs that fits on a wotyamacallit.
Yes I have tried to save my masculinity by sending a girl in to hide the fact I don't know what I'm doing
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No, even if I haven't got a clue I do it myself
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I'm a girl, my husband or father asks me to do stuff like that but he won't confess
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Do you ever get women to do men's stuff for you?
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