Sudden feelings for someone?

Hi! this is kind of a train wreck of a post aka my whole existence so stick around.

I am F25 who recently just got a side job a month ago on the weekends. My "boss" is M29 I put that in parenthesis because I am freelance so I can come when I want which has been once or twice every weekend and he doesn't really lead me or tell me what to do ever not to mention we are in totally separate departments. I want to make this super clear that he is very very far from my usual type and I've never seen him as anything more than someone I see on the weekends where I work in a professional manner. We usually don't talk much. just short casual conversations here and there so I didn't really know him that personally either. That changed a few days ago when he offered to take me home since I lived almost an hour away. I got to know him better and we talked the whole way without any radio or music playing. He's actually a really sweet guy. I should mention he jokingly flirt with me here and there talking about how we'd make a perfect match, calling the ride our "first date" and complimented me calling me cute and saying that I smell good. I didn't really think much of that, just that it was funny but I didn't take it seriously as lots of guys will jokingly flirt with no serious intention behind it. He jokingly put his hand on my leg for a split second, I can't really remember what for but that's when I started to question how I actually felt about him. The hand on leg thing was kind of like a switch that went off in my mind from like not having any remote feelings to actually feeling something. This isn't something that has ever happened for for me and I'm not really sure what to do about it?

I should also mention it's been 6 months since my last relationship that was 3 years long and so I might probably be just "deprived".

What is the most logical thing to do in this situation?
Sudden feelings for someone?
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