What should I do if I’m afraid a former friend is planning to harm me?

Hey guys. I haven’t been on here in awhile, but I’m in desperate need of some advice.

I live in a dorm and had recently befriended a guy in my building who I know was attracted to me but I ended up friendzoning because I knew we had too many differences to work out as a couple. I trusted him a lot, but one night when I was drunk, he walked me up to my room to make sure I was “safe”, and then attacked me. He shoved his two fingers down my throat so that I couldn’t breathe and then ran out of the room after a few seconds. I felt like it was a power thing and like it was because he was mad that I wouldn’t date him.

Long story short, we stopped talking after that and now he’s been saying some really scary things to our mutual friends, like he’s “done being nice” and that he’s gonna get me some really fucked up Christmas present. I want to report him to the campus police, but I have no proof of what he did. I’m afraid it’ll just provoke him more. What should I do?
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Hey guys. So I did end up going to campus police. They took it very seriously and said that they would contact the dean to see about moving him into another dorm. I do have some proof of his violent temper because he once punched a hole in our lobby’s wall and it was caught on camera, so I think that helped lend credibility. Anyways I feel relieved. Thanks for y’all’s input.
What should I do if I’m afraid a former friend is planning to harm me?
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