Why do I feel scared and intimidated by staring?

So I once tried reading this banner from afar and this guy standing next to it mistook it for me staring at him. Anyway, I saw him a month later and noticed him staring at me. I ignored this, but later found that he wasn't just staring, he was incessantly watching me without looking away. I. e he watched as I grabbed some coffee, kept watching as I sat there drinking my coffee, continued watching without looking away as I went to the bin and still kept watching as I walked back to my seat. It felt really uncomfortable so I tried hiding behind something, hoping he'd stop, but when I stepped out a few seconds later, he was still there, waiting for me to come out of my hiding spot so that he could stare at me. The feeling of being watched just made me sick to my stomach and I couldn't stop crying when I got home.
Why do I feel scared and intimidated by staring?
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