Is he leading me on?

I've been talking to a guy for years and although its platonic (i think) he is flirty and has occasionally mentioned us being together (so we re together now). he's very popular and has lots of girls as friends. I've had boyfriends and he always seems to text more during those times. We have kissed in the past and he says he hasn't kissed anyone since, that was 2 years ago. I've always felt he leads me on and then when it gets to hanging out he backs away. So this time we ve messaged every day, he said we re together and after a month i said i kinda feel you're leading me on again and if thats true id rather not bother, he messaged back ok no worries. So in my head he's agreeing that he has lead me on. he's now ignoring me. So am i right in thinking he is and always has led me on and its never going to go anywhere?
Is he leading me on?
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