Should I give up on a guy who is hanging out with other women after we met?

I met this guy about more than a month ago. We met through Instagram, when we first met I noticed he had time which honestly bothered me cause I'm interesting in something serious. Although I didn't say immediately I want something serious cause it was soon. As the days go bay we get involved sexually and after that we talked everyday he commplimented me a lot and actually I though a friendship was beginning among us. About 2 weeks ago in a videocall he told me he was divided between me and a Spanish girl which totally broke my heart but although it has hurt me a lot we continued to talk cause he insisted. He said he doens't want to lose me cause actually he says he feels something for me but I'm not his priority. He went a week ago to Spanish and I'm almost certain he met the Spanish girl altough he denies. He is always worried about me talks to me everyday, give me a lot of support but when he goes out or are on a trip he barely gives me attention. The other day we talked about the question of him having meeting the girl and he dennied again. This week I was on facebook and I saw him on a trip with a girl and I got devastated. I confronted him and again he denied and said she's only a friend and nothing has passed between them. I feel like shit, I already removed him from my social media, but he continues to say that nothing has passed either in Spain or Budapest... What should I do?
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*I noticed he had tinder
Should I give up on a guy who is hanging out with other women after we met?
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