My boyfriend's life & career always comes before me. Is it worth continuing to date a guy like this?

Hey all, I'm a very busy, well-rounded gal. I always have a lot going on. However, I started dating this guy and he always seems a but "distracted". My boyfriend is a solo artist here in Mich and is very focused on his career (acoustic guitar, musician). He really is trying to get famous. He will text me every day, but talks only about his stuff. I am always happy to help, give him suggestions, but it's literally nothing else. I patiently listen to his day & he'll briefly ask about mine, but I feel like he does it out of obligation.

When I come over, I find myself just sitting with him while he does his recording stuff. Like he'll invite me over to have me watch him record. He's completely engrossed in it, doesn't want to talk. He's not socially awkward. He has great social skills & he's an extremely handsome, popular guy. Just lazer-focused when he works. We end the night with one kiss.

I have a very full, rich life outside of this relationship and I feel I am always sharing what I did (deep-sea fishing, camping.) but he never joins, and just says "oh cool!". He does ask about my day. But he never joins. He really is busy and works very hard. He will work 12 hours a day.

This guy is so busy that he will go on vacations and do his music work on the road. He's forgotten to text back a lot or forgotten dates, and apologizes profusely. Always says we will make it up, but we never do. He feels that going to dinner once a month is enough for us.

I know this sounds bad, but I feel like he needs a girl who fully "appreciates" him. I am not one to do this, I'm very strong & know myself. Feel like he doesn't know me.

I want to be affectionate with him, but he is so distracted every day. When we finally get together & have quiet time, it's awkward bc it's been so long between each instance of intimacy.

Is it worth dating a guy like this? I want to be with him & he was perfect in my mind, but the reality of this is insane. I feel myself slipping from him a lot.
My boyfriend's life & career always comes before me. Is it worth continuing to date a guy like this?
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