Asked my ex to meet up, he said yes and now no response?

I am the dumpee (F), he’s the dumper. I broke no contact after 3 weeks and asked how he was doing, apologized for not respecting his decision (I begged him to stay), and if we could be friends. He apologized for not handling the break up better and told me he had a great time with me when we were doing well, that I taught him a lot, and that I have been an important person in his life. He still thinks about me and hopes that I’m better now. He asked what i meant by intend on being friends. I said I Still care about him and it would be nice if we could be friends. He said he cares for me too that “we could be friends I guess.” I then asked if he would like to call or meet up sometime in the future and he said he would like to but would be in another city for work this week but he’s available, with complications. I said no worries as my work is flexible and can meet him if he wants to this week. He didn’t reply until end of day and disregarded the meet up question. I was confused as I interpreted it as a meeting and maybe he meant for a call. I asked him today if he meant a call or to meet up sometime in the future. He said yes we can meet in the future but for what? What do I expect or want from it? I said I have no expectations, that it could be a quick awkward convo, we could spend a hour catching up, enjoy each other’s company, etc. I wouldn’t know until it happens but it would be nice to see him again. Then I asked him why he would agree to meet. It has been about 24 hours since that text and he has not responded. I have not reached out since to ask as I’m assuming he needs time to think or he simply doesn’t care. Any advice? I want to follow up as I tend to be anxious when my questions are left unanswered
Asked my ex to meet up, he said yes and now no response?
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