My ex boyfriend got married but still asked about me? I just wanted to know why after all these years?

My ex and I broke up two years ago. He broke up with me because he said I didn't love him no more. Immediately he moved on in a month or so of our breaking up but because I found out that he already met this girl while we were on our last.
I made peace with them eventually and I started to move on. I went on one date and it didn't work out.
After that date, because I felt like I was never gonna meet someone and my self-esteem was torn apart so I got into an friends with benefits rship & its probably the reason why I forgot about him quicker & moved on Ofcoz I'd still think about my ex now & then but it made me feel a bit betta. So 1 day I went on FB & i started stalking his gfs page and it looked like they got married. I didn't know. I couldn't believe it. I was stunned and shocked. And my feelings began to rumble and I totally felt messed up.
Just recently my cousin texted me on Whatsapp asking me if I am still in contact with my ex. I was wondering why he asked me that I just said no and changed the subject. I didn't like still asked him why and wrapped my head around it.
My fam decided to make a nice dinner at their house one night. I linked up wit my cuz and we had fun and my cuz said :'Cuz the reason I askd if you still chat to him because he askd if you are pregnant?' I was like 'wait a min?' then he laughed he said ja 'He asked if you are pregnant, he sent me voice notes'. He played it to me and this is what he said :'Yes bro I'm fine thanks and how is Aunt Nicky (my mom) them doing and Jen (me) how are they? I heard Jen is pregnant bro, but all the best for her with her pregnancy.'
We not in contact. And he really did get married, I am so sure is because It was confirmed today. And I'm still hurting and I'm trying to make peace with it this. I am trying to work through my feelings. I also decided to blocked the guy I was having sex with bc I know I am worth more.

My ex and I have been apart for so long but I just can't wrap my head around why he asked about me?
My ex boyfriend got married but still asked about me? I just wanted to know why after all these years?
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