I’m not sure if to forgive or how to forgive him ?

I’m trying to be forgiving but It’s not seeming to happen. I’ve been friends with this guy for over a year we literally tell each other everything and I’m not going to ask I’m not afraid to ask for things. He’s financially stable and all so I made an order of 50 dollars coming to my country and asked if he wanted to help with it which he said no. And kept telling me stupid I need to get something for him first before he does that. The statement itself isn’t stupid but I’ve asked for his delivery address and gotten nothing from him like where am I meant to ship your present ☹️ You’re not meant to know when you’re receiving a gift and I feel like he feels like I’m only with him for presents but I’m like that to everyone literally it’s nothing special. I wasn’t even upset about it but it’s the entire idea of the stupid silent treatment he gave me and unfortunately around 24th my cousin had an car accident and I needed my friend to talk to and he wasn’t talking to me. I’m trying to be understanding and all because it’s Christmas but I just can’t bring myself too.
I’m not sure if to forgive or how to forgive him ?
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