His friend likes me, but him and I used to talk (Bro Code)?

So my (F18) graduation was yesterday, and during that time, this guy I'm really good friends with (We'll name him James (M18) for this) told me he liked me, I already knew this was the case because the other day at the beach (Me and 7 other people were there, 4 girls 4 guys) he grabbed my chin and was attempting to massage my arm and my hand (I hate physical touch and he knows this). Well, I told him "we're such good friends!" To try and let him down without hurting his feelings.
Well, fast forward to later that night, I go over to my girl friends house (Let's name her Sammy) well, Sammy (F16) is the younger sister of "Damian" (M18) a guy I still kind of like (we had an on and off talking stage throughout the year, Sammy knows I still like him and she's fine with it for anyone curious). Well, I was explaining the situation to Sammy, when Damian walks in and asks about what we're talking about, and so I explain the same thing I told Sammy (without using the guys name, because Damian and James are best friends)
Me: "This guy I'm friends with told me that he likes me, and had attempted to flirt with me in the past, but I don't want to hurt his feelings by being too upfront (I meant me not sugarcoating things), but I want him to know I don't like him AT ALL, like that."
Damian: "Well, surely he isn't that sensitive to that stuff? Or maybe he's really dense? Who's this about again?"
Me: "Sammy what do you think about this?"
Sammy begins talking about a different situation with James, when I have to bring her back into focus.
Me: "No I meant the guy at the beach-" I realize my mistake by literally outing the location, now Damian knows who it is.

Is liking your bros old crush (and maybe knowing how your bro feels about them breaking bro code? I feel really bad as I don't want to ruin their friendship, since Damian may or may not still like me. (I haven't asked him) there's more info just not enough space to put on here.
His friend likes me, but him and I used to talk (Bro Code)?
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