Am I overthinking?

I have this teacher, who I've known for while now as I've had him for a couple of years in school. He was actually one of my favorite teachers, who I enjoyed having. I have never thought anything bad about him throughout the years but around 2 years ago, something changed.

I know that it's completely normal for your teachers to look at you during class, but he started to excessively stare at me. I caught him countless of times just staring at me. Whether it be when I'm taking notes, watching a video on the board. I would always catch him just looking. I thought it was normal and I just brushed it off, but my friends started noticing too and were asking me why and what was happening. I genuinely got confused because I thought it was normal.. But they didn't think so.

I tried not to think of it too much but then I started noticing him looking at me on school grounds. He would walk near where my friends and I would sit during break and would just be staring at me. Or he'd stand from a distance and stare. Once again, my friends would see this and ask me more questions that I could not answer. I was just so confused.

One time, I wanted to see if it was just me or something else.
When we were taking notes in class and I looked up and stared right back at him. I saw that he quickly looked away and looked into a different direction.
Another time he was walking near my friends and I again, and he was walking pretty closely. This time, I looked straight up at him and he didn't even look at me once. He was staring at the floor the whole time. That made me even more confused?

I thought that I'd done something wrong so that it might be why he was always staring at me. But I'm a pretty good student. I don't get into trouble, I did well in that class and I behaved really well. The staring has been going on since 2020. Even to this day.
I'm just genuinely confused about all the looks and stares that he seems to be giving.
Am I overthinking?
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