Am I reading too much into it?

So my roommate. I moved in about 3 weeks ago. He’s extremely attractive, funny, smart. I have a little crush. I definitely need to get to know him more. We talk a lot and he asks me for advice on certain things. We talk about what we think a relationship should look like etc.. He always asks me for help if anything goes wrong in the apartment and we have other roommates so why not ask them? They’ve been here longer.. I guess I’m just bad at reading guys. I think he flirts? We watch shows together and only us, no one else seems to join in. But again I may be reading too much into it. One thing I do notice is he makes eye contact all the time. Is that a thing guys do when they’re interested? Do I just keep going like nothings there or do I say something..
He might be attracted to you
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Reading too much into it
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Am I reading too much into it?
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