Does he like me back?

So this guy and I serve at my church. One week we both did camera and traffic together. The only reason I could do traffic with him is because he invited me after seeing me sitting on the steps a little lonely. We have a lot of eye contact on and off. We are a year and half apart in age. I know his younger sister but I don't know if he knows that. Since we serve in tech together there are a few other guys that we are around quite a bit. One of the guys is almost my age but is a few months younger than me in the group. We all have this sort of joke that the younger guy and I are “dating” We’re not but it is our joke within the group. My crush is the one that jokes about the most. He seems to like hanging with me. Though I can’t tell 100% I think he enjoys my company. Also he calls me by my last name. Is that normal? Or is it a sign he likes me? My last name is Buehler so I do get the joke but it is typically my college’s that are so much older than me. He just out of the blue called me by my last name and not many of my guy friends call me by my last name. Why do you think he does this?

this might be way way to much info but, in all honesty it is barely any compared all the details my mind remembers lol! Do you think he likes me?
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So depending on your opinion of if he likes me or not, what should I do then? 🙂
Does he like me back?
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