Why aren't men romantic?

Like it's not hard I'm not talking down on your knees rose's to the bedroom I'm talking like pulling out a board game to play together spontaneously or doing something just because it would make you happy without having to ask them for instance my fiance doesn't make plans for anything I'm expected to make all plans we've been together 5 year's and he's been romantic 3 time's and hasn't put much effort in besides that I try to be romantic like leaving sticky notes for him to find with reasons I love him or find him attractive or I pack his lunch for work and add lame puns like here's some strawberry because your the berry best or I got him some kingdom heart necklaces because it's his favorite game and hid them in his car but he doesn't really do the same for me and it makes me feel like he doesn't really care that I'm apart of his life like I'm More a convenient relationship then anything else.
Why arent men romantic?
Why aren't men romantic?
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