Could we end up in bed together?

I met a guy a few weeks ago in college. He’s in one of my classes that happen a couple of times a week. He’s very very different from the guys I’ve liked before. I usually date or like the laidback attractive guys. I usually date someone similar to me lol. Anyways he’s very strong on his beliefs in class and expresses them and knows about almost every political topic we talk about. He always gives input to a question the professor asks. Every single time he talks in class he looks at me while talking. He’ll like glance at the professor then back at me but for the most part looks directly at me while talking even when he’s talking about something the professor asked.
He talked to me once before class because we both got there early but it was something about the class. Afterwards I said I was gonna go call my love interest and once class started after I said that he said he was stressed over his long distance relationship with this girl a couple hours away and it’s causing problems. ( he never mentioned her before )
He’s friends with this other guy in the class who’s super flamboyant and married.
Today I mentioned in class that I went on a weekend outing with a love interest and after I said that I noticed the guy didn’t look at me while speaking at all while he was talking in class lol but maybe I’m overthinking even though I’m sure he didn’t.

Later in the class I made a point to really look at him while he was speaking. He chooses to sit opposite me and I swear to you I felt such a strong vibe while looking at him. It felt like we were the only ones in the room and I kept looking at his lips and almost wanted him to notice which I think he did. I got really turned on while we were looking at each other and he was speaking to the point where I had to turn away and kinda breathe lol.

Is this what sexual tension is? Lol
Could we end up in bed together?
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