Is he trying to tell me something by doing this?

I sit diagonal from this guy in a giant circle and he always sits across from me. Every single time he answers a question from the professor he always will face me head on and start directly looking at me like he’s talking to me.
He’ll briefly glance around the room or back at the professor but his eyes always land on mine while he’s talking. It’s very awkward but I do like it lol. Last class I saw him crack a slight faint smile while he was talking and maintaining eye contact with me.
Also this girl asked a question and he turned to talk to her and look slightly at her and answer her question but then he faced me again.
I’ve been told I’m a very pretty girl often but men rarely approach me. I do have a guy I’m dating. Once the guy in my class and I got to class early and he said it would be nice to have a break kind of awkwardly to me and I then agreed and it got quiet and I told the guy i was gonna go call a guy I’m dating.
After that he mentioned he had a long distance girlfriend who he’s never mentioned before and still never mentions her.
Last class we were having our little eye fiasco in class ( this happens often by the way ) I glanced down at his outfit and wanted him to see me checking him out. He had a picture of him on there and this some girl ( maybe it was his girlfriend but it wasn’t a romantic picture ) I glanced at it then made a face then looked back up at him and he was still making direct eye contact with me while talking.
Today before class I caught him gazing at me and kind of smiling and he said something and our eyes met then I looked down and started smiling. He started debating about a drink with another classmate and he was slightly smiling and kept looking back at me.
I was kinda jealous though because during class him and this other girl next to him got into a quiet discussion but I feel like he does that to almost everyone.
So I wanna know why he only seems to make intense eye contact with me?
Is he trying to tell me something by doing this?
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