Is it wrong to message other men when in a relationship?


I have a lot of male friends because of the industry I work in and my boyfriend has always been very understanding about it and says he trusts me.

I few of my male friends have turned out to be bad eggs before but right now I have a really good group of friends male and females at work.

I have one friend who I've openly admitted to my boyfriend but I find him attractive but that's that. There is abit of a obvious contention between us but we've both been nothing but respectful towards each other and my boyfriend. It's more of a joke and my boyfriend knows it's nothing serious or to be worried about.

He constantly jokes about my attractive female friends but he does jealous at times but he knows he can trust me.

My male work friends been going through a really hard time recently he's broke up with a very controlling, possessive girlfriend and work are constantly on are case over stupid stuff and he's just had enough.

Me and a few of our friends have been worried about him as he's seeming very depressed lately and were just trying to look out for him and making sure he's okay. He's very kept to himself with that stuff and not good with emotions like most young men.

He told me he was gonna quit work soon and find something else as work are just not listening to us and not supporting us at all and then blaming us when things go wrong.

I made sure I text him to see if he needed any help at work or finding a new job after I finished work. I asked my boyfriend first if it was okay. He said yes but rolled his eyes a little. When I text my friend he was very awkward but I was simply just trying to be a good friend to him as he helped me when I was really shy and nervous when I first started

Is it wrong to message other men when in a relationship?
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