Dating someone younger than me. What do ya think?

Okay, so I actually don't mind that the guy I'm seeing is younger than me, he's surprisingly mature for his age.

But the thing is that he's moved to the city just for an internship until the end of this year and I'm looking for something serious and he knows it. But we both know that it may not be the case that he will stay in the city, besides, I know he has plans to do his Masters in another country in a year or so. I have had only one serious relationship which lasted 5 years and ended up in divorce, took me a couple of years to get ready to do this properly (he knows that too), but he hasn't had really a serious relationship, so that kind of worries me, that he still needs to burn his phases and whatnot.
Like, he's terrible with texting, but I have seen this, he barely checks his phone and when we spend time together during the week he's very nice and caring. The last two weekends he's been out and about and to be honest I actually don't feel insecure about what he might or might not be doing during the weekends at parties but still, i think there's some doubt on my side. We have been only dating for almost a month aaaand i don't know if it makes sense to talk with him now and tell him that I would like just to see him, you know? Like, he made a comment like "oh this girl I'm with" and i ask him "what about her (me)?" And he was kind of chuckling and saying "i don't know yet" so i don't know. But like he left last weekend again and we didn't text at all but he texted me on Sunday to let me know he was back and that he wanted to know what i did over the weekend and stuff, and he's going to help me move some of my stuff to my new apartment this week. So yeah, i don't know. I actually have mainly male friends but i don't feel like asking them, I'm actually keeping this on the down low cause I just wanna be sure before I start acknowledging his existence to my friends.

So yeah, my dilemma is whether I should talk with him?
Dating someone younger than me. What do ya think?
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