Why is my guy friend like this?

I’m friends with this guy at work & we’ve gotten close over the last few months. We’ve hung out a few times & though I have feelings for him, he has said he does not, but that I’m his closest friend. In the first few months of our friendship, most thought we had a thing for one another bc we are always around the other & seem flirty. He’d got out of a long-term relationship not long before that so I was giving him time & space before jumping into anything.

We’ve always had a banter-heavy relationship & we make fun of one another but he takes it too far sometimes. He seems to enjoy arguing with me. Sure, he’ll have discussions with others & has admitted he loves debating, but with me he’s a little harsh.

For example, I can just be having a normal convo with him. He calls me stupid 10x a day, asked me if my parents got me tested as a kid, & in any decision I make, he always questions them as if they’re wrong. I’ve told him he’s made my confidence go down, & maybe that was a mistake bc maybe he wants that power over me. When I’ve confronted him on similar situations, he said “That’s just our relationship, even if we agree I’m going to disagree with you.” I think he likes the attention he gets from me. He has literally said he enjoys getting a reaction out of me & the things he does to garner that reaction.

If I talk to another guy, he asks what we were talking about or he pokes fun at me saying I’ve got a crush on them. He handed me my phone the other day & a guy had texted me & he says, “Hmm, that’s a very gender-neutral name…” Like he expected me to clarify who it was & if they were a guy/girl. He makes sexual jokes sometimes & he definitely acts different around me than anyone else.

Anyway, I’m glad my feelings are starting to fade. Bc whatever he’s doing is so childish & uncalled for. But I’m curious why would a guy be this way? When I try to distance myself, he says I have an attitude & am different. I want to be his friend, but he’s making it very hard.
Why is my guy friend like this?
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