How do I get myself back out there?

Just before Christmas my boyfriend of 4 years dumped me. I was completely heart broken we were meant to be finally buying a house a together and I really thought he was going to be my future.

But one day he just sat me down and said he was breaking up with me because he felt he'd made a huge mistake and didn't want to settle down yet even though he's almost 30 and in here 25 years old putting most my earlier 20s behind for him.

I was so young when we first started dating and he's a big reason I am who I am today. He moulded me into the woman he wanted me to be.

I feel like I don't even know who I am anymore. my ex was the only man I'd ever been with. He was even my first kiss.

I get hit on a lot by guys but I've always been extremely loyal and not gone that that road with other men.

But now I'm single after so many years I don't know if I want to go straight into a serious relationship again but that seems to be all guys want from me.

I've been on a couple dates and if I'm totally honest I'm just looking to have some fun but these guys start being really sweet and try to wife me up by pulling out all the stops on dates. Like buying me flowers and taking me on super expensive romantic dates and it scares me. I had this with my ex and look what happened I don't want to have to go through it again for it to be thrown in my face.

The thing is my ex made into his Idea of the prefect women and that's what a lot of other guys see as the prefect women too as to why I have this effect on men.

I want to get rid of that part of me and find who I really am and I'm not gonna do that by falling into the same routine as I had with my ex.

How do I get myself back out there?
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