He wants to have sex with me but doesn’t want to date me?

This guy I really like just wants to be friends with benefits and doesn’t wanna date me anymore even though he once said in the beginning that he wanted to but now he’s like I’m tryna get my life together blah blah like I’m not gonna stop him from doing that he literally talks to me everyday doesn’t want me having sex with other guys which is understandable but he also gets mad if I talk about hanging out with a guy friend I told him I’ll just hang with them nothing sexual and he says he’ll get mad still and that he won’t forgive me and will never talk to me again he gets so jealous when a guy likes or talks to me it’s pretty clear he has feeling for me or am i wrong

1 y
He also says we’ll just have fun and no attachments when he’s clearly more attached than I am why else does any other guy getting with me bother him if ur intimate with someone weather u like it or not you will catch feelings right? How long does he think this will last because he said he doesn’t know if he ever wants a relationship etc and I was like so ur just using me he goes no i never said I didn’t wanna get with u just not atm like wtf do I do atp
He wants to have sex with me but doesn’t want to date me?
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