Does this sound like small talk or did it bother him?

So a little background story, I use to mess with this guy (We’re gonna call him Lou) and I stopped because he started dating/messing around with a girl who isn’t a fan of me cause I tried to warn her about him in the past and she became shitty with me about it when I told her to tell him to stop watching me in the parking lot of my job. .

Yesterday, I was with one of his old middle school buddies (we’re gonna call him Derek) me and Derek recently started messing around but honest to god I didn’t know they knew each other and so Lou pulled up next to us and they talked. (Me and him never spoke, I never looked in his direction) Lou doesn’t know that I know him and Derek have been friends for years. (Obviously he does now).

*For more context here’s the conversation between Derek and Lou*
Lou brought it up first and they were whispering about it.
Lou: so how long have you and her been…. whatever whatever?”
Derek: I’ve been banging her for about 6 months, she’s on birth control” (I was seeing Lou during that time but obviously it isn’t true but Lou doesn’t know that)
Derek did say he looked surprised/stunned when he said that.
Lou: are y’all talking talking?”
Derek: nah she’s just a side piece
At this point Lou started talking out loud again instead of whispering.
Lou: hell yeah
Lou: I’m just waiting for my girl to come back from taking her dog home

Derek said he was trying to make small talk but right before we left I wrapped my arm around Derek’s and put my head on his shoulder and cuddled into him and Lou seen it and raised his eyebrows.
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Me and Derek recently started hooking up and sleeping together so he didn’t lie about anything to Lou.
Does this sound like small talk or did it bother him?
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