Am I being too sensitive about this text and situation?


hi, i need some help sorting through some thoughts as i have a tendency to be a little too sensitive, got trust issues and i don't want to ruin my friendship/crush.

i shot my shot last year by msging a guy i went to HS with and hadn't spoken to in 10 years. we weren't close friends but we talked a bit and i always thought he was cool and cute.

it went surprisingly really well - we got to know each other and even flirted a bit. at the time he was living in a different state so we were only texting.

about a month later tho he did a houdini act. i was really hurt by him disappearing but when he came around again, he said he was going through a really tough time so i was empathetic. he didn't say exactly why and i didn't pressure him. shortly after that i didn't hear from him for 7 months again. i decided to let it be.

he msged me out of the blue in July and apologized for his disappearing act. i was guarded but seeing as how we got along well, i wasn't opposed to giving him the same energy he was giving me. if he would text, i would respond. if he didn't neither did i.

he surprised me by letting me know he moved back to my city and wanted to see me one night. he came over to mine and we talked, laughed, caught up. we didn't get physical. he shared details about what happened to him when he first disappeared and while it doesn't excuse his lack of communication, i can understand as it was really traumatic.

we consistently talked after and he was flirting so much more. last month i asked him if he wanted to hang out so we made plans and i had an amazing evening. neither of us made any moves on each other tho. before he left he said he had a great time too and i didn't hear from him till tonight after i decided to just message him.

he called me "his lovely" (a first for him) and said he'd been thinking about me. i don't know how to feel as he's been radio silent for 4 weeks.

is he being disingenuous? am i being oversensitive by wanting to ask him?


Am I being too sensitive about this text and situation?
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