Does he still like me?


I have been working at my current company for almost 2 and a half years now. I've recently developed a crush on a colleague, but we've always had a flirty relationship. However, due to our situations, it would be almost impossible to have a relationship together. He's always been lovely to me and the flirting included things like him doing silly things to get my attention, staring at me, prolonged/strong eye contact, going out of his way to help me, seeming jealous about other men, organising the gifts/cards for my 30th birthday etc etc. I've always felt fairly confident that he felt the same way.

HOWEVER, a few weekends ago, we met up on a night out. I had too much to drink and I ended up telling him that I really liked him as more than a friend. I asked him if he liked me back, to which he said "you're a lovely person". I kept asking him, being persistent with it - he kept repeating “you’re a lovely person” and I eventually said "just answer the question", to which he replied "yes, I do but we can't be together etc". I think we had a few quick kisses on the lips, not a proper kiss, but a peck.

The day after, I apologised to him for potentially putting him in an awkward position, to which he said "don't worry about it".

The next week at work, he apparently wasn't aware of what happened. I told him that I had kissed him and he looked shocked, saying "that's not ideal, I wouldn't have kissed you properly". For the rest of the week, he barely spoke to me and was hot and cold in his behaviour towards me.

He has gotten better but he doesn't flirt with me like he used to before all this happened. He has shown being jealous because he overheard me saying I was going on a date. I saw him look in my direction and when I told him to have a nice weekend, he abruptly said “bye”

Was there any truth in him telling me that he likes me? Does he still like me? If so, why is he being weird?

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Does he still like me?
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