What should I do with him?

Hello, so I have this guy friend that I’ve been studying with since we were kids. We were so close and I always feel comfortable with him.

I am studying for college right now. We decided we’d be roommates this year so that we’d go to class together, but we both have our own separate beds. But last night, something weird just happened.

I was sleeping, then I felt someone touching my waist and breasts. I then opened my eyes, and saw him looking at me like he’d straight up eat me. I tried to push him, but I just can’t get him off because he’s too strong. He then tore my clothes off and touched my private parts aggressively. But minutes after, he stopped and completely dozed off on top of me. He smelt like alcohol.

I left the apartment this morning, and he’s now apologizing to me through texts. I feel mad about what he did, but I feel bad too because he said he was really drunk that night.

Should I trust him? Do men really cannot control things when drunk? :(
What should I do with him?
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