He only talks to me when he's drunk...

There is boy well man I suppose who I know. He only speaks to me when he drunk. If we see in the day on the street or anywhere we ignore each other. He doesn't speak or give my eye contact. But when he's drunk he'll talk to me, joke with me, smile, say hi, give me eye contact.

I don't speak to him in the day when he is not drunk but I do look directly at him. I mean it's hard to speak to someone if they won't even look at you.

Also I was speaking to his brother on msn, just friendly stuff, not flirting or anything but he made a reference to something me and his brother were talking about, so he's obviously seen the conversation.

Why do you think he is like this, ignoring me sober and the eye contact? Why only talk to me when he is intoxicated?

There's no way he fancies/likes me so do you think he just wants to be my friend? He could easily get away with not talking to me so why does he bother?
He only talks to me when he's drunk...
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