Why does his friends stare at me?

I like this guy and I think he knows I like him. We have been speaking for the past few months we always right paragraphs to each other and use faces. My friends say when he walks passed he will put his head down and smile they also said one time when he was leaving his friends I was there and they said he said to him watch her. An example of a convo we had was where I said to him you have a look like and he said to me he wasn't as cool as me :D. The other day he drove passed me and sent me a message saying I've just drove past you. So what do you think this all means? and why did he say about this look alike not being as cool as him? when I agree he didn't reply.

Anyway yesterday I seen him and my friends said he kept staring again and his friends would stare and smile. My friend said when we were laughing they walked passed my crushes friend turned right around and my crush smiled. Anyway we then noticed my crushes friend came back and walked passed us went around the Conor and walked back passed us. After this my friend seen them get into a car and she said they was just staring at me again and when they went around the corner it happend again.
Why does his friends stare at me?
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