Do women think degrees/careers make them more attractive in dating?

So, I'm curious. I've heard some things, apparently a lot of women with advanced degrees/great careers feel that it should make them more attractive in dating.

Oh, and let's keep it within the 20-30 age group. Also, we're assuming that the men are not ghetto losers, the men in question have bachelor's degrees and either have a decent job or plan to get a good job very soon. (a good job being one that lets you have a nice apartment and drive a nice car, like a 5 year old dodge charger.)

So I'm curious. Women--let's say you're dating. You met some guy who roughly matches description above, he asked for your number, you're meeting him for coffee. Do you think having a masters/phd/high stress-high pay career will make you a more attractive romantic partner? No difference? Or less attractive?

Men--let's say you met some woman, got her number, and are now on a date. She says that she's got a masters/phd/is very focused and proud of her career.

Does that make you more attracted to her?

Does that make no difference, as long as she's cute and sweet enough personality you already like her?

Or would that turn you off because you think she will be more arrogant/career focused/high maintenance?

Personally, I don't think a woman having a degree showing she's highly intelligent does anything for most men.

Most men would much prefer a smart woman over a ditzy one--but I think men define smart differently than women. A woman friend of mine is just a hairdresser, and she's sharp, funny, witty.

Kind of like Big Bang Theory. Which do you think is more attractive to a man with decent success--Penny smart (not educated, but funny, sharp, and witty as hell) or Bernadet smart (less personality but a PHD/Masters degree.)

Honestly, I think Penny has mastered how to be attractive as a date, lmao. link
I'm a woman and I think degrees/career makes me more attractive for romance.
I'm a woman and I think it doesn't make much difference.
I'm a guy and I would be more attracted to a woman with a masters/phd/good career.
I'm a man and a degree/career doesn't make a difference as long as she's attractive enough and good personality.
I'm a man and I'd rather she not have an advanced degree or be career focused.
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So, with 30 votes from women and 25 votes from men, with women voting at a 2 to one ratio that a degree doesn't make much of a difference in dating, and a tally of 19 to 6 men who don't care or don't want her to have an advanced degree.

So majority of men and women feel that a woman having an advanced degree makes no difference in dating, with a strong minority of women feeling that having an advanced degree makes her more attractive.

Do women think degrees/careers make them more attractive in dating?
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