Guy used to be nice, now he's mean... wtf?

there's this guy at work who used to be so nice to me. He used to defend me from everyone, even when people joked around with me. He never let anyone be playfully mean to me because hed get mad and tell them to stop. he's a manager and a smartass too. He can be a pretty rude guy. when hed yell at someone, if i was walking by, hed stop and smile and say hi to me and continue once i left. He always smiles and says my name. He makes his voice soft and quiet when he talks to me. The weird thing is that he never leaves any doors closed when we are in a room together. When i started working there, he told me it would be awkward because of I don't know what. I dont see the awkward part but ok. and also, he never looks me in the eye when we talk. He usually looks past me. But he does stare from afar

When he's helping me with something, if im close and peeking over his shoulder, his voice starts to crack. His rudeness all started one day when he was talking to another manager and this other employee. I asked something and then the nice manager said, "oh ____, you just can't get mad at her," and he smiled and the employee said, "nah man. I think its just you." And he told him quietly that he had a soft spot for me. The manager said yeah he did.

So after that day, he avoided me. If we crossed paths, hed turn around and walk the other way. My supervisor even noticed it. He did that all day until we finally ran into eachother in the hallway and he had no choice but to say hi.

I still act normal but he doesn't . he's been more rude to me. One day he was helping me and he told me that me and my department get on his nerves. And last time he was with that other manager and the guy said, "gosh, for being nice, you're actually really rude". He still helps me and is nice but its weird that he's being mean. he's never been that way.

Why would he be mean all of a sudden? Did i do something wrong?
Guy used to be nice, now he's mean... wtf?
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