Do guys like it when girls don't show much interest?

I don't want to start a debate about playing hard to get. That is not what I'm talking about. I in no away approve or condone stupid mind games like that.

Anyway, I've noticed that the guys I like don't like me. And the ones I do like me, I don't like. I was always shy and I never really talkef to the guys I liked so that's a possible reason. Now that I have started talking to them, they still don't like me. Well the first guy I started talking to (when I mean talking, I mean literally speaking to him and sitting with him in class) might have liked me but he had low self esteem and has never asked out a girl because he's shy but I don't know for sure if he did like me or not.

Later, I met another shy guy and I thought maybe he wa interested so I sent him an email with my number after the semester was over and he never called. I was so embarrassed.

So now there's a guy in one of my classes this semester that sits next to me and he stares a lot. He seems interesting and I'd like to talk to him but he makes me alittle nervous. He has stared at me since the first day of school but I don't stare back because I hate being stared at. He would walk by me in class and stare deep in my eyes. Honestly, his actions were very forward and sort of creepy yet I found him interesting. Not during lecture but during lab, I started looking at him a bit more. He would pass by me more often and would get really close but he won't look at me anymore. This still goes on. Sometimes he smiles and I smile but we both look down. Sometimes we ask each other things relating to class material. When he's alone, I go stand next to him and ask him something. I could ask anyone but I ask him. Now he does the same. When I'm alone, he stands by me and asks me stuff. Sometimes even unimportant things like if he's just making excuses to talk to me. Its weird but he hangs on to my every word and for some reason I talk slower when I talk to him, yet he listens intently. Most people cut me off in the middle of my sentence and walk away. He also used to be kind of rude but since I'm polite and nice to everyone, he is now polite to everyone. And I can see the that he gives my lab partner dirty looks. I don't think he likes him very much but I'm not sure why since they don't talk much.

Anyway, I don't show much interest in this guy like I normally do. I'm trying but I forget. I don't think about him obsessively like I normally do. I don't pay much attention to him during lecture because I'm really into the lecture. There really are days when I forget to even make an effort to acknowledge him just because I'm really busy or something. Yet, he seems interested. He seems like he actually pays attention to me and is attentive.

Wtf? So is showing interest bad? Did I try too hard with the other guys? Or is it just that things come to you when you don't obsess about them or something?
Do guys like it when girls don't show much interest?
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