How Nudism Can Improve Your Body Image


On thing I've learned as a nudist is that there is no such thing as a "perfect" body. Nudists and naturists consider the human body to be a beautiful creation, and something no one should be ashamed of. Everyone's "flaws" are exposed when they're naked, but then again so are everyone else's. There are nudists of every size, shape, and body condition. No two people look the same nude. Breasts and nipples come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Penises come in both "show-ers" and "grow-ers" and uncut and circumcised. Vulva have an infinite amount of variations. Hair is either removed or not. Most, if not all, people have scars, birthmarks, cellulite, etc. You don't see these differences and "imperfections" when you only see other people in clothing, you only see them in the mirror on yourself.

How Nudism Can Improve Your Body Image

My Experience:

I was raised as a nudist so I never experienced a "first time" to nudism, so my experience is likely different from those who come to nudism at a later age. I grew up seeing other children and adults nude, along with these differences and "imperfections." I believe I have a more healthy self-image because of this, and that I also have a healthier and more realistic view of women's bodies. I knew what to expect when I went through puberty, because I saw other boys go through it before me. I knew what real women looked like instead of an unrealistic air-brushed version from the internet or a magazine. I was also very confident in my body. Even though I was shy, I was one of the only boys in high school who didn't have any issues showering nude after gym class- it was no big deal.

How Nudism Can Improve Your Body Image

My Friends' Experience:

Over the years I've made a lot of friends that weren't nudists. Some, but not all, have become nudists with me to varying degrees. Their first time shedding their clothing came with some nervousness to be sure, but after a few minutes, they all say they shed their emotional and physical insecurities with their clothing. Most say that they find it easier to meet and form new friendships while participating in nudism (nudity is a great icebreaker after all). Nudism can also enhance the bond with existing friends, having bridged one boundary, it is easier to open up about other things. I know some of the best conversations I've ever had with friends are while nude in a sauna or hot tub for example.

One thing they all will agree on, they found a greater love and acceptance for their own bodies, feeling even more confident in themselves while nude than in clothing.

How Nudism Can Improve Your Body Image

Your Experience:

I cannot recommend trying nude recreation enough. I encourage you to find an AANR club or beach near you, or use a site like to find other nudists near you- you'll find that nudists are generally a pretty welcoming group. If you know any of your friends are nudists, you can always ask them to include you the next time they go somewhere, they'll probably be more than happy to have you join.

There may also be other nudist events in your area. There is a group in my city that rents out a public pool after-hours to host a skinny-dipping night once a month, where you'll find people swimming laps, families playing with pool toys around the shallow end, teens and young adults playing water polo, and people just relaxing in the hot tub.

There are a lot of misconceptions about nudism. People assume its all about sex, or that its just a bunch of creepy old men, but that hasn't been my experience. Yes, not everyone there will be in their 20s or 30s with a gym membership, but you'll find that there are a wide variety of people at these clubs, and there will be people you find yourself fitting in with right away.

How Nudism Can Improve Your Body Image



How Nudism Can Improve Your Body Image
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  • Gedaria
    We stumbled on it by accident as a family we were touring in France. Pulled into a site when it was dark had a bit of a surprise in the morning. It took us about 1hour to get out the girls 4 of them youngest 3 oldest 9 they were out no clothes about 5mins. They were alright I was more concerned of pointing the way,, carrying a towel came in handy. We were there for about a week and went back every year spending a month there. Great fun!!!
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    • Red_Arrow

      Confused only by the fact that the resorts I have been to did not let you in without registering, so there would be no surprises. But anyway... Kids that age adapt so well. Glad that you found it to be such a great experience, and hope you continue enjoying your visits.

    • Gedaria

      @Red_Arrow You are correct , there were signs , but in the dark and being late we just parked up.. It had its funny side , some time later back in the UK, we were in a park , the 2 youngest came out of the caravan naked and went to play on the swings , they got a little upset when we told them they had to get dressed …..

    • Red_Arrow

      lmao. Kids are wonderful. Learned quickly that naked is acceptable, then someone had to spoil that. :-)

      I remember going to a new resort (for us) in Vermont, USA, and following written directions. We arrived late and could not be sure of where we were going ion the dark, but finally found it. Great club in beautiful country.

Most Helpful Girl

  • LittleSally
    I have no doubt that it's true... Like anything people do - the more they do it the more comfortable they are with it.
    But the problem with these kinds of things is - it's nerve wrecking to even start doing them.
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    • Just like a cold swimming pool, you just have to dive in.

    • Thank you for the mho! =)

    • It's best to just jump right in, just like with cold water in a pool or body of water.

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  • Mmmmmmb78
    I said it once and I'll say it again; nudity is healthy.

    I enjoy going to nude beaches and meeting up with other nudists. I'm generally confident with my body. However I do prefer being alone on a secluded beach or island, as it's more liberating.

    Great article.
    • I love a secluded beach or the middle of nowhere as well

  • wingattebaby16
    i have been to a nude beach a lot... what makes it hard is all the old fat guys that continue to stare at sexy young women...

    I have been a nudist at home with my last boyfriend... it is awesum to be spontaneous in the house when we feel like having sex... anywhere is fair game..

    i like sleeping nude coz in the middle of the night or first thing in the morning there are no undies or tshirts to get in the way...
  • JimRSmith
    I do get what you're saying about it having the potential to improve some people's body image.

    I find it's boring, though. It strips the individuality away from people, to a certain extent.
    • I think there are other ways to express individuality other than through clothing, although I understand that concern.

    • "find it's boring, though. It strips the individuality away from people, to a certain extent." 👈 How I wanna know 🤔 this sounds interesting to know.

    • JimRSmith

      @PetrovaFire92 Clothing styles are pretty key to our identity as people.

      Imagine if you went out, dressed entirely differently to how you usually do, people would probably see you in a different light, right?

      So it gives you control over how you're perceived. With nudity, that's gone. Everybody is dressed in an absolutely uniform manner.

      @matchrestore is correct - there are other ways to express individuality other than through clothing. Clothing is a common default to express individuality and personality, though.

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  • Plumy
    You don't see these differences and "imperfections" when you only see other people in clothing, you only see them in the mirror on yourself. ❌

    I don't agree with that quote because in my opinion the intimate details are supposed to be seen only by the loved ones, really really *imo*

    Aand in my opinion clothes, accessories and makeup also can improve body image ✔

    Buuut I respect others' decisions, so not saying one thinking is better or worse, it's relative... Wishing happy time with w/e decision!
    • I do think a lot of people assume other people don't have the same issues they do because they can't see them. Clothing can hide physical things, just as emotional distance can hide emotional problems. I believe nudism can actually help with both.

    • Plumy

      I see that point of view but... For me it would be really awkward, impossible to overcome... But I understand!

  • Cuintan
    Sorry but all that UV-A & B cannot be healthy. Not just skin cancer but premature aging? No thanks! Old enuf already.
    But I do agree that we need to rethink our body image prejudices and get away from worshiping the elusive as a snark 'perfect body.'
    • There are indoor activities as well, saunas, indoor pools, etc. The social nudity I participate in most often is indoors, after hours at a public pool rented by a local nudist group I'm a part of.

    • Cuintan

      The images you chose don't show that and to us non mind readers they scream 'FUN IN THE SUN!' Including pre-school kids for crying out loud.

  • 2US-Aussie
    Reading the comments here it’s clear that most still don’t get it.

    “Wouldn't date a nudist. Only if she just goes "nudist" with me. If she starts taking it off around others than I'm out of there”

    “Don't walk nude please, remember we have kids like me and asexual people.”
    • I think it's still too foreign for a lot of people, but maybe less so after reading positive accounts like this one.

  • grimtigress
    overall, i really don't think the shit is that bad as long as it's in the confines of where it's accepted. personally, i don't like to show it any but one person and i gain confidence about myself from just that even when insecure. still though i can see it working for others based on the experiences you've had of it. the realistic human body can be beautiful too and all that, love to draw it- but i'm sure it's different for everyone
  • Chantel77
    Interesting, i wonder if it's because you're use to it and have a realist idea of what bodies actually look like
    • That's probably part of it for me, but even newcomers to nudism report better self-image after becoming a nudist.

    • Chantel77

      I'd only be one behind closed 😂😂

  • EpicDweeb
    I'd probably consider it at one point though I'm not sure how open about it I'd be. At any rate I appreciate the idea. I've not had a lot of emotional or physical insecurities so I don't know that I'd need the encouragement or self confidence boosting aspect of it but I realize the openness aspect of it would be really cool.
  • Unknownooo
    Being naked? The thought itself is really awkward and then in public? Hell no! I hate it when people gawk at you. Apart from that, nudity encourages harassment. Don't get me wrong, everybody is free to do what they want but public place is not always a good idea.
    • At nudist clubs and nude beaches everyone is naked so you're no more of a target for gawking and harassment than you would be clothed with other clothed people. Clubs also don't tolerate either, and will ban people who harass others.

    • Unknownooo

      It would be... but the idea of being nude... it's embarrassing for me.

    • You can have people prosecuted for harassment. Your naked body is not a harasser’s defense for their actions.

  • nightdrot
    Years ago, my girlfriend and I went to a nudist camp, just for a day. We actually enjoyed it. Facilities were nice. People were friendly. In many ways it wasn't what we expected, but on the whole - although I probably would not be a full time nudist - spending all that time naked felt very good and natural.

    A good experience overall.
  • Being_a_good_Indian
    Nude Beaches in India ↗

    Check out my Take. How Nudism Can Improve Your Body Image
  • Boromir
    I'm only 'light' nudist, things like a clothing optional beach on a holiday beach, skinny-dipping at night where feasible, or catching a co-ed sauna, all those things I find liberating and really nice. It does indeed help with accepting one self much more. I respect the ones that go to 'nude camps' where you're the whole day in the buff, but I would not do that... I'm getting dressed at the end of the beach day getting back to my car :-)
  • Red-Blaze
    Its a nice mytake
    My self i dont really think got anything for nudeist anywhere near by, but even if there is i don't think i want to go to it, i like my body as is, I know i am considered to look pretty good
    But I believe that covering it for most times, makes it better experiences when i show it to the selected few i do let to see me without anything on
  • YourFutureEx
    I really liked your perspective. Even though I don't have any issues with my body, I don't think I have enough confidence to break the status quo. But I'd like to visit a place far far away where no one will judge me. That'll certainly prove to be a beneficial experience.
  • sovetskii13
    I have done research on nudists. Normal people with a very different view on human appearance. I want to experience what it's like to just burn my clothes and run wild like I'm the first man on earth. I bet I could do it alone in the woods in the middle of nowhere, but not in front of others. I just can't. I would need a lot of preparation and training. It takes time to make such a big transition from the norm to... not the norm. And experiencing it from birth definitely makes a huge difference compared to starting at a later age. Do these groups accept new members with ease? "Just tag along and you are one of us"? type of response?
    • Some groups only accept couples, although that is becoming less common. Beaches other public lands are of course open to everyone.

    • I thought the same then one day I walked out on the beach and just dropped everything, including my anxiety.

    • @Charleslvajr Great to hear, man!

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  • CarpetDenim
    Call me a prude, but I think the sight of your naked body should be for your partner's eyes only. Honestly, I don't even feel comfortable in a bathing suit out in public.
    • Martin_M

      It is common to be very self conscious about your body at your age but being more open with your body is very empowering and boosts self confidence. It reduces anxiety about how you look and builts mental resilience. Bodies were never made to be hidden.

    • @Martin_M I'm not self-conscious about my body at all. I know I look great. I just feel like only my partner should be seeing it.

  • Likes2drive
    As humans we are the only animals that where clothing but we also have the least amount of hair on our bodies to protect us from the elements. Nudism must be more popular in warmer I guess, I heard it’s a real freedom to experience but not everyone. Nice mytake on this though 👍
  • Kat_puppies
    nudist is a made up term for an excuse to run around naked even though in some countries and states its illegal.
    • Don't knock it until you try it. Other than lifelong nudists most nudists would probably say they never expected that they would enjoy it someday.

    • actually the world is too cold and im too ugly to be seen.

    • natmike

      I don't "run around naked" but I don't wear clothes when indoors or outdoors where I can be myself. Nudist is a term for people who prefer no clothing, mankind is the only creature that exhibits a hate of their natural self!

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  • josephinelcajon
    European countries have always been open minded about nudity masturbation and sex at any age! This has given them a much healthier society with much fewer problems! We could ALL use a good dose of reality and vitamin D! The only negatives are what you create. The positives are pages and pages long!
  • cupidkisses
    Just because l cover it doesn't mean that l am not comfortable with it.
    • Exactly! In fact I cover myself more because I love my body and it's damn precious to me!

    • MlleCake

      Is he saying that, though? I don't think so.

    • @MlleCake he didn't. But we are saying that we feel empowered by covering as they do by revealing. It's subjective.

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  • adamski24
    you have hit the nail on the head and a totally agree as you know I've been one since a child and like you have friends and family that have always been one too and some that have joined the experience of it.
  • Logorithim
    I can't see myself doing this, even though I am anything but self-conscious about my body, but it was nonetheless interesting to get your perspective on nudity.
  • johari
    Well then the people at nude beaches much be full of confidence
  • VaIiant
    I love my body but I don't think I'll ever display it to everyone. Seems like something reserved for me, my doctor, and my SO.
  • Custard
    I saw some nudists on telly once, nothing you could knock one out to, they were all over 70 and German. In come East Germany they couldn't afford swimming trunks, so everyone had to be a nideist, when the Berlin Wall came down all the young people became capitalists and bought swimong yrinls and bokinies, and all the old people carried on being comie nudists.
    • As an American, it's amusing to see somebody call Germans capitalists haha you ain't seen nothin' yet boiii

  • BaileyisDarcy
    I've been planning for a long while to visit a nudist beach one day. Problem is there are very few in australia as far as i can tell.
    • 2US-Aussie

      There are lots of places in OZ, even in Queensland. Being Sydney based our favourite would be Samurai Beach in Nelson Bay, primarily because we can get the 4x4 onto it.

      Cobblers is nice as well and hosts the Sydney Skinny.

      Start searching the net you’ll soon find the places.

    • @2US-Aussie
      That's exactly what I mean though. It's all Queensland, NSW, WA... there are thousands of beaches in Australia, hundreds in Victoria alone, yet not a single one in Vic. It's all in EVERY OTHER state.

  • dogbert444
    Nice take! Like my immediate family, I have been a naturist since I was born. The freedom it gives in unparalleled!
  • Keenisha
    There's a nude beach close to my university actually... hmm
    • Go for it!

    • Keenisha

      No people from my school might be there and make fun of me. I don't know of any other nude beaches in my area 😂😂

    • If there are people from your school there, wouldn't they also be nude?

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  • SweetgirlNS
    Sure just what I need. Seeing all the sweetness of other girls around me lol
  • BuchitaBuchys
    I'd never go nudist. That's scandalous. But nice take
  • derekfreeman
    our culture has condition so many people to be up-tight. I think most will miss the point of the story. Unfortunately they will not even attempt to see everyone is imperfect in some way that our self-doubt and insecurities are created by this false image we have all been taught to project. as for me I would attend of asked but not going to seek it out.
  • twotimestwo
    Some people should not take their cloths off. I take nude selfies and post them on Facebook, but I work hard to keep in shape. Others let themselves go, and those are bodies I prefer not to see.
  • existing_not_living
    I am comfortable with my body, but I don't think I could do nudism. Interesting MyTake though! Thanks for the read. :)
  • CHARismatic110
    Yeah, I hate my naked body so that's put for me lol.
    • I mean the point of this myTake is that it might make you like your body...

    • And I'm telling you it's not. I literally cringe when I look at my naked body.

    • natmike

      But go to a nude beach and you will see bodies just like yours and people will talk to you and accept you for who you are not what you look like

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  • CubsterShura
    Well that was nice to read. But I'm still not up for public display.
  • jacquesvol
  • SirRexington
    Ew. No thanks. I'd rather everyone keep their bodies to themselves unless its sexy time.
  • OmaeWaMouShindeiru
    Although I'm not sure I'd go nude at a public beach often, I did go to public women's baths in Japan once when I was a teen and it was a really good experience. Probably the best thing about it aside the awesome variety of baths was that you became less self conscious. I expected everyone to focus on my body and stare at all the imperfections (because that was what I had been doing). But no, everyone got on with the bath and relaxed. Aside from the general glance I realized that (1) I was perfectly normal and we all had lumps and bumps somewhere, and (2) trying to hide your imperfections often draws more attention because people notice the way you act.
    • markscott

      You would find the same experience at a nude beach. Nobody pays attention to your imperfections, as they have their own imperfections, and everybody is naked. There is a very nice feeling of freedom to be nude at the beach, and walking out into the water and swimming au naturel - not having the drag of the swim suit makes swimming more fun and easier. I particularly like getting away from the crowd, and setting up a small tent or umbrella, sitting in a beach chair and reading a good book. Whenever I get too hot, I just gout out into the water., and when I feel a need to get up and move, I just walk along the beach for a while. I've never experienced anything so relaxing and so free feeling.

  • AditiSaasha
    Nicely done!!
    This is such a good article :)
    Thanks for sharing :)
  • MlleCake
    I entirely agree with the way that it can change body image.
  • Miristheiss
    Wouldn't date a nudist. Only if she just goes "nudist" with me. If she starts taking it off around others than I'm out of there.
  • Interesting. I prefer to stay clothes, but thanks for sharing an alternative viewpoint.
  • elizamichale2
    Its very wonderful and amazing experience but i wish people could understand and let us get nude who want to
  • AndyOh
    Nice take on nudism. I am a nudist myself and go to a local resort as often as I can during the warmer months.
    I believe that most men and women are a little shy about getting naked in a semi public setting like a nudist resort, mostly because of the teachings of society. Women have a lot more to deal with so it is a bigger hurdle to jump over. I have taken three different women to the resort for their first time, and though they were a bit shy and unsure at first, once they realized they were the only ones clothed, they got naked and were very comfortable afterwards.
  • Fran1981
    It must be a fantastic experience, I'd like to try it definetly
  • Commander_Courtney
    Sure, been to an optional nude beach before. Was interesting to say the least.
  • Cadet_Cora
    I’d love to go to a nude beach
    • I hope you're able to find one near you can have that experience!

    • Cadet_Cora

      Not any here.

    • Red_Arrow

      I have no idea where "here" is for you, but many are surprised to find that there are nude beaches (ocean or river) near them. If you have not googled it yet, do so.

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  • GayHowellMeme
    Don't walk nude please, remember we have kids like me and asexual people.
    • I was a nudist as a kid, and I turned out just fine.

    • MlleCake

      Simply being naked is not sexual.

  • xButterflyKisses87x
    Yeah... good luck most societies will not accept that