The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: Do This and I Guarantee You Will Lose Weight!


Weight loss has been one of the most common issues and sources of frustration ever since human society became civilized enough so that average people didn't have to hunt for food themselves.

That being said, the creation and expansion of internet, threw tons and tons of advice on that issue in average people's faces, leading them to confusion. I am here to try and erase that confusion.

This may not necessarily be the healthiest, or the most pleasant way, but it is 100% natural, and if you do what I say I absolutely guarantee that you will see change very fast. And I will try to avoid any scientific or technical terms, so that everyone can understand it. I am not a doctor, or a nutritionist, all I know is that this shit simply WORKS.

Let's try and keep this short:

Step 1: Drink only water

That's right. No soda, no juices, especially no alcohol. Just water. No vitamin water, no "super" "natural based" drinks and such bullshit. W A T E R. You don't give plants any juices or shit if you want them to grow and bloom, so do yourself a favor and do the same thing. As a bonus, increased water intake can slightly speed up your metabolism, and it will make you piss more often so you will release the excess water and therefore look a bit slimmer sometimes, but this is optional, the important thing is to drink nothing except water.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: Do This and I Guarantee You Will Lose Weight!

Step 2: Fuck sugar

Eliminate all sugar from your diet. That includes bread (now you are thinking "man, fuck this guy!") and rice. Also includes fruit. These are generally not bad for your health, but they do you no favors when it comes to weight loss, so if you want to lose weight fast, eliminate them completely until you get where you want to be, body wise. If you have some health issues, or really care about vitamin intake and can't wrap your head around this, then eat some fruit, but keep it to an absolute minimum. Also forget about the vast majority of meat. Stop eating that as well. Now if you are wondering what do I mean by "the vast majority", pay attention to step number 3

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: Do This and I Guarantee You Will Lose Weight!

Step 3: Eat vegetables and protein rich food

Now when we established what not to eat, time to establish what to eat. Vegetables are cheap, healthy, and most importantly won't make you fat. For a small price, you can buy a ton of vegetables, cut that shit up, and you can eat for days. Also protein rich food, meaning lean meat like chicken breasts and fish, also cheese, eggs etc. Protein is the building block of your body, it won't make you fat, and by taking it you will maintain your body's normal function. Additionally, eating more protein can help you maintain some of your muscle mass (cause losing weight always eats muscles as well, you can never lose only fat, at least not naturally). And that old myth about dinner, and how its good to skip it if you want to lose weight? If you eat dinner made of protein entirely, there is absolutely no need for that. You can eat dinner normally.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: Do This and I Guarantee You Will Lose Weight!

Step 4: Walk

You may think that in order to lose weight you need to cough out your soul in the gym every day, but that's far from the truth. A regular walk can be far more efficient in weight loss than some fancy gym workout. Just 1 hour per day will already give you good results. That basically means put your headphones on, put your hands in your pockets, and start walking. Walk for half an hour, then turn around and come back home. Done. Everybody can set aside that much time, even those who claim not to have it. If you do have time, double it, take two walks per day, one hour per walk, and you will double your results.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: Do This and I Guarantee You Will Lose Weight!

Step 5 (optional): Work Out

This is a no-brainer, you heard it everywhere, and yes, working out helps with weight loss. Your body has a simple mechanism, burn more calories than you take in, and you will drop weight. So of course this helps. If you have time/energy to work out, by all means do it, it will do you only good.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: Do This and I Guarantee You Will Lose Weight!

There you go. In these few brief steps you have the entire secret to losing weight fast, naturally and efficiently. No powders and other poisonous bullshit, and everybody can implement these changes.

Thank you for reading, leave your questions or opinions below.

The Ultimate Weight Loss Guide: Do This and I Guarantee You Will Lose Weight!
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Most Helpful Girls

  • Cynicaldreamer
    Excellent take! 👏

    As someone that's working to lose weight and tone up (down 75 pounds and going!), pretty much every step you said helped me to lose weight as well. I exercise 5-6 days a week for about 30 to 60 minutes. I mostly follow a high protein diet... but I'd be lying if I didn't admit I still eat my sweets and carbs occasionally, lol. But I eat less of them: it's all about portion control!!!

    The only thing I really need to work on is cutting out sugars- specifically breads and potatoes, but ugh... it's hard giving that up, especially after a good run or workout when you're craving carbs, lol
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    • Don't worry, the very fact you are active and doing something to lose weight (and already lost 75lbs!) already puts you ahead of 90% of people nowadays. Rock on!

  • Anonymous
    How do I know this isn't your way of trying to kill me? I mean it IS in your username...
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Most Helpful Guys

  • Muhammad1999
    great take , i have been trying to lose weight for years and failed in all of them thats why i lost all hope.
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    • Try this, and have some discipline about it. Start with a month. Promise yourself that you will follow these for 1 month, no cheating. If after 1 month you see no results, feel free to stop, and come back to this and report my profile

  • Roydelakran122
    It works try it out
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  • lilaqua
    You need sugar. If you don't have it your body will begin to break down since it has no energy to run on. The main thing is portion size and good food. Your body has quotas for protein, carbs and fat. If you cut out one you will face massive issues. Not to mention too much protein can also be very bad for you.
    • You're incorrect, sweetheart. The human body does not need sugar. Any carbohydrates that it needs can be internally processed from proteins and vegetables. Also, the whole myth about too much protein being bad for you was debunked within months of it first being put out back in 1967.

    • lilaqua

      @Wifflesnoofer63 First Stop calling me sweetheart, you demeaning asshole. Yes you need sugar. Carbohydrates are a necessary since they provide energy for the body. There's nothing wrong with consuming grains or fruit in accordance to your daily needs, there's nothing 'unhealthy' about them if they're relatively unprocessed and don't contain refined sugar. And yeah shit can happen to you if you eat too much protein,

      I don't know why in the world people need all these stupid restrictive diets to loose weight, just eat well and in the appropriate portion size.

    • Whatever you say, honey bunch.

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  • Kenni
    LOL. i drink 2,5 liters of water EVERYDAY.
    I started thinking it'd make me lose weight, but it didn't do SHIT. But now the good thing about it is I've gotten addicted to it, i get easily thirsty, and i need my 2,5l each day. But no, it does not work on weight. Not on me. Not on my mom, or my doctor.
    • Water won't do anything if you keep chugging the fries on the side

    • Kenni

      I would've have mentioned fries if it was on my diet

    • Kenni

      I eat healthy, im always moving, and exercising definitely does more than water

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  • ChronicThinker
    You can still eat fruit and lose weight. Also, this isn't a "secret" and advertising as that is just stupid. Of course if you cut out foods and calorie-rich beverages you'll lose weight.

    But will you sustain it? No. Few people can go absolutely sweet-free and eat broccoli and chicken breast full time. The real "secret" to weight loss has been proven by professionals time and time again:

    Eat relatively well. A diet with controlled carbs, protein, fruits, vegetables, dairy or substitutes, and exercise. The important part of the diet is sustainability and if eating fruit stops you from binging on cake, that's a win.

    • I am talking about a fast and efficient way, not a secret. And your method may give results in a decade or two basically

  • SydneyTW
    I don't have much fruit anyways, but if I do, it's just bananas. The acidic acid in fruit irritates my stomach (I have diagnosed Irritable Bowel Syndrome). But I also can't have some veggies, like broccoli or potatoes.

    I am doing most of these; working out, drinking a lot of water, I stand the whole time when I work (not my choice, they don't give us chairs), I don't typically like sweet stuff (donuts, cake, cupcakes, cookies; I don't crave them), and I use fake sugar for coffee.
  • SngBirdy
    100% wrong everything you said.
    Bullshit information
    • No, its not. Try it and you will see results

    • SngBirdy

      I dont need results. Im happy with myself.
      Everything you said can help with weightloss, but if you consume too much energy, nothing of this will work.
      And it doesn't matter where this energy is coming from. If you eat 4000 calories of vegetables and fruits, you are going to get fat no matter what.
      And if you eat 2000 calories of pizza, ice cream and candy, you are going to lose weight.

      And sugar has nothing, absolutely nothing to do with weight gain.

    • you clearly have no fucking clue how the human body works

  • MLGbreezy
    It helps to lose weight but the problem i see already with this is that its not something maintainable on an everyday basis i doubt ma y people will last two week doing this And even more so if people try to do this all at once but i will agree that if you want to lose weight fast this will defiantly get you results but just as soon as you lose it your for sure gonna put it back on just as fast or faster. I do recommend you drink lots of water as it is proven to help with weight loss why do you think so many body builders carry around gallons of water. And second go to the gym with a GOAL and that is important or start exercising with a GOAL having this will drive you and push you to keep working hard. Next once you've decided your gonna start going to the gym or working out Find a plan that will help you achieve your goal at YOUR OWN pace if you rush things you won't get the best results and you'll just burn yourself out take things at your own pace. Next you don't really need to necessarily diet when doing all this just make healthier choices and be consistent with those choices don't cut a bunch of stuff out all at once and don't be to hard on yourself give your self a cheat day and eat what you want within reason. Next be consistent this is probably the mist important thing if your not consistent then you will not make any progress and that's with anything you do and overall just do your best to enjoy it as you make progress good luck everyone.
    • People who lack discipline so much that they can't deny themselves sugar etc. for a few weeks/months just to lose weight have much more serious problems than weight loss, such a weak attitude will never get them anywhere in life

    • MLGbreezy

      Okay just cause someone doesn't wanna cut out fruit doesn't make them weak or have a lack of discipline body builders, boxers MMA fighters get shredded and they don't need to cut a ton of stuff out of there diet such as fruits and they have plenty of discipline but that besides the point i never even said you shouldn't cut it out i just said its not necessary you can cut out plenty of other sugars and still eat a banana and plus that's more maintaining a day yo day basis plus putting that all the other stuff you listed its just to drastic of a diet change to just be like yea ima cut all this stuff out that a normal eat for months and ill be totally fine its realistic

    • MLGbreezy

      Why would anyone do that when they can do it slow AND DISCIPLINED and eat for the most part what they enjoy and get the same results

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  • Missyme2
    Meh. If you really want to lose weight, do the 5:2 diet. Very easy to sustain as a lifestyle choice and you don’t lose out on things you love. Cutting out sugar for most people is not a realistic goal. Sugar is in everything, you’re probably still consuming lots on a daily basis. And telling people not to eat fruit is ridiculous. Don’t think this diet of yours will gain much traction.
    • Any diet that claims you don't lose out on things you love is bullshit. And yes, things I wrote will never be a popular, because its the hard way that works, and people nowadays are weak and always look for an easy way out. Thats why some make millions from soaps, creams and other bullshit for weight loss, that actually can't make you lose 1 gram of fat. And its in every area of life, people are always afraid of the hard way, which is the reason why so many people are unsuccessful in life. The hard way is usually the only way to actually achieve something

  • DeeDeeDeVour
    I can't just "fuck sugar!" I love sweets! That's why I have to do #1, #3, #4 & #5.
    • Its not a permanent lifestyle change, just until you lose weight.

    • But once we lose the weight and then go back to sugar, don't we gain it back?

    • @Jemini_Crocket Yes you will gain it back. Honestly you should think of this as lifestyle change not just as a diet until you lose weight. If you have a sweet tooth you can consider making deserts with sweetener such as stevia. Also try sugar free candy and chocolate. Then there is also fruit which contains fructose that is a natural sugar but also contain fibre that will decrease the amount and rate of fructose absorption into your blood. Going cold turkey on sugar isn't easy but these tips can help.

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  • LittleRedKat
    I tried cutting out sugar and carbs and it nearly sent me to the ER. I was weak, tired, dizzy, and flat out a mess because of it. It's important to get your food groups in, in moderation of course but you still need sugars and carbs and such, just not too much.
    • it depends on your health condition, you should always consult with your doctor before making such drastic lifestyle changes. but cutting out sugar shouldn't be a problem for a healthy person. And vegetables contain carbs, yet I wrote people should eat a lot of vegetables, so no eliminating all carbs is definitely not a good idea

  • BonnieBunny
    Wow, I've never heard this before. Truly revolutionary info
    • I never said it was revolutionary, I said it definitely works and anybody who listens to me will lose weight

  • Deathraider
    I think working out is not optional of you want to be healthy.
    • How so?

    • If you want to be healthy, you need to exercise. Otherwise, that energy that you're eating gets stored as fat for later uses. The problem is when these fat reserve don't get used.

    • Oh, sorry, I was reading your opinion in a hurry the first time, so I understood that you claimed working out was not necessary to be healthy. Yeah, I definitely agree it is good for your health, but I wrote it as "optional" because even if you do the first 4 things and dont work out, you will lose weight fast, and the take is about weight loss.

  • CubsterShura
    Hey I'd like to add some of my own tips!
    1) You don't need water only and nothing else strictly, try out several kinds of tea as well! Without sugar of course.
    2) No use of working out if you don't work at home. Doing household chores is also a great exercise plus you get two birds in one stone killed. Also help your family members in work too. Be active when doing your daily things.
    3) My best friend actually danced to her favorite music for an hour everyday and it helped her to lose weight, given that she changed nothing else like her diet. Imagine how effective it will be if you did the same PLUS you controlled your food and water intake as well. It's gonna be INSANE.
    4) I actually lost weight after joining a martial art class. The excitement of learning something badass like KUNGFU alone made me work hard into it.

    There are plenty of options for physical activity that will help you to lose weight. Find something badass that you enjoy and have fun.
    • 1. Could be, I dont know much about tea, it has never been my... cup of tea.
      2. For some reason working at home doesn't help you lose weight, plenty of people in rural environments work all day long, yet they still have bellies, but it is nevertheless excellent for maintaining health and strength.
      3. Yes, any physical activity burns calories
      4. Same as number 3

      Thank you for reading my take and for expanding it!

    • 2. I meant it for those people who work their ass off in gym but in their houses they got their mom/wife/maid to do their household work.

      And you're welcome!

  • Kelly6
    This diet is hard and takes very long.

    Stop eating Carbs and you will see 10 lb deference in less then month.
    • it may be hard, but it doesn't take long, in fact, if you do what I say you will lose more than 10 lbs in less than a month.

    • Kelly6

      Keto loses 10 lb minimum without exsercise

    • Choloswag

      Look up Intermittent fasting. Its better/healthier than normal fasting and less restricting with food

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  • Choloswag
    This weight loss guide sucks. Intermittent fasting is better because you can eat almost what you want and lose weight. You fast for 16 hours then you can eat in an 8 hour time frame.

    You stop eating at 10 PM. Wake up drink only black coffee because it gives energy and boost fat burn if black coffee not good for you then go with green tea no sugar. Go to gym, this will burn even more calories since your body has no food and is forced to use your fat. At 2 PM you can eat a huge whopping meal and not worry about what you eat since its your first meal. After 4 hours you can eat another meal but make sure you dont surpass 2 calories diet. Then for the last hour before 10 PM you can eat a snack to fulfill full your 2000 calorie diet.
    • Choloswag

      It doesn't have to be at 10 PM. As long as you have 16 hours of fasting

    • It won't get you results nearly as fast as my system will. And any weight loss system that claims you can eat whatever you want and lose weight is full of shit.

    • Choloswag

      It will get results faster than yours because it puts your body through a calories deficit which is how you lose fat fast and I never said you can eat anything you want. I said you can eat almost anything, you still have to check that you dont surpass the 2,000 calorie intake and make sure you have proper nutrients. Intermittent fasting is less restricting with what you eat

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  • XTropicalchickX
    My friend actually told me to do all this stuff the other night. Although he said I could probably still have some sugar in moderation.
    • Yes, I wrote that as well, but that you should keep it to a minimum if you already don't want to cut it out entirely. But this is a temporary diet, just until you get to the desired weight, it is by no means a good diet for everyday lifestyle

    • Yeah definitely. I want to lose some weight so that I look really good on a cruise I'm going on in may. I figure I can do it

    • Actually I have all the muscle there I just need to lose the fat

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  • kitty71
    Number 2 sounds like if a person follows the Keto diet, but not everyone follows that diet and still loose weight anyway
    • Im not claiming this is the only way, I just said its faster than almost any other and 100% natural

  • kinda-confused
    I want to use this to help my dad I hope it works because I wouldn’t be able to handle losing my dad
    • Why would you lose him? If his health is bad, then definitely consult with a doctor first, while this method works excellently for healthy people, for a person with health issues it can be harmful, depending on his diagnosis

    • Because he’s obese

    • But his health otherwise is fine? If its just obesity then yes, he should switch to this.

  • Yeah, no thanks. Guess I'll stay a fat ass
    ~ Mrs Manson
    • Then why did you read my take with a such title?

  • JesseTheMan
    Bs. Just burn more calories than what you consume. Doesn't matter what you eat. It's not rocket science.
    • Oh and as someone said, you need sugar. So tough luck

    • yeah, if that was true, people could eat ice cream just in smaller amounts and lose weight. in reality, thats not possible. take a biology book and study how the human body works

  • Rissyanne
    Very take...
    Not for Asians tho
  • Ottilie
    I already did 1, 2, 3 and 4. I'll start 5 soon.
    • Ottilie

      Woops. I dranks an aloe vera beauty drink today...

    • Ottilie


  • Nice
  • Leviathan_Charmer
    Ya, this works. Good take!
  • Iron_Man
    Interesting take
  • Bubbles45
    I'm 14 and weigh 94 pounds.
  • Good take
  • Montana07
  • Anonymous
    i rather be fat and eat good
  • Anonymous
    I must have my sweets after water and healthy foods. 😊
    • you are definitely not doing yourself a favor, at least when it comes to weight loss

    • Anonymous

      I dont have a problem with my weight. I am content, I do not like rockhard bodies, it is no fun for me.

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for your consideration though. I do intermittent fastings and it works.