Why I Self-Published a Book about Anxiety - Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast!

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That’s right, my first self-published book is now available on Amazon under the title ‘Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast’. You may be wondering why I've phrased the title of this post in the manner I did, especially as you might imagine that the answer is rather self-explanatroy. However, I want to use this space to explain why I chose to dedicate time to writing a self-help book for those suffering with anxiety.

Anxiety Symptoms

Why I Self-Published a Book about Anxiety - Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast!

Anxiety is horrendous! It can often feel like a sinister, nightmarish creature that is feeding on your soul. Anybody can suffer from anxiety, and that’s one of the things that’s most bizarre and misunderstood about the illness. Your shy friend who avoids social gatherings might have anxiety, but your confident, charismatic, and charming friend might have anxiety as well. It can stop people attending jobs, learning, staying healthy, keeping friends, and so much more, and yet it’s often brushed under the rug as being a simple case of shyness or introverted behaviour.

My book aims to address this problem by explaining what anxiety actually is. Why? Well, one of the big problems that anxiety sufferers have is leaving the illness as a mystery. They battle with this beast time and time again, but never research the causes or symptoms. This allows anxiety to linger in the shadows, out of view. My hope is that we can draw anxiety into the spotlight in order to better understand it, and then force ourselves to regain control over our lives, one step at a time.

Finding Solutions

Why I Self-Published a Book about Anxiety - Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast!

I can’t claim that my book offers a cure to anxiety. Frankly, any book, product, or person that claims that such a cure exists should be immediately disregarded. Anxiety isn’t like a headache or heartburn. You can’t just pop a pill and expect your body and mind to return to a more standard mode of functioning. In order for us to understand anxiety, we have to take the time to truly learn why we experience it. We do this through experiencing this differences between comfort and discomfort and stress and relaxation. Anxiety is a beast that can take many different forms and appear in many different places.

As such, we need to find ways of dealing with anxiety. ‘Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast’ strives to do just that, all without the use of medication or medical professionals (although I do advise that the latter not be ruled out in more severe cases).

I simply aim to provide some effective techniques for managing and reducing anxiety symptoms. These are approaches that I’ve tried, tested, and use myself, but this book isn’t just about my own experiences. It’s full of references to scientific research and studies in order to confirm that whatever I’m saying is supported by more than just my own subjective experience.

My Hopes for the Book

Why I Self-Published a Book about Anxiety - Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast!

Through publishing this piece of work, I don’t expect a great deal to come from it. I won’t get rich, I won’t be asked to attend book festivals, I won’t be nominated for any awards or prizes, and there’s even the chance that not a single person will purchase it. I knew all of this going in, so why did I publish it at all?

For starters, I hope that just one person will benefit from what I’ve written. If one person reads my work, finds it useful, and manages to reduce their anxiety symptoms, then I’ll consider that a success. If that is the minimum of what I achieve, I’ll feel like it was all worthwhile.

As an anxiety sufferer myself, I understand how daunting the concept of seeking help can be. I searched everywhere I could for ways to reduce my anxiety. I can’t imagine that I’m alone in that regard, and if such a book had been available to me during my darker anxiety days, I feel like it might have provided a bit of hope and guidance. I’m not a medical professional, psychologist, or guru, but sometimes all you need is for just one person to understand you. Then, their advice can be enough to nudge you in the right direction.

Get it for FREE!

Why I Self-Published a Book about Anxiety - Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast!

As I mentioned already, I’m not trying to get rich from this project. As such, I made my book available for the cheapest price Amazon would allow me to set, which is about £/$1.50. However, those of you with Amazon Kindle Unlimited will be able to download the e-book free of charge.

For the next few days, 'Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast' will be available for FREE. It doesn't matter if you have Amazon Kindle Unlimited or not, you can go right now and get your free copy. All you need is a device capable of reading e-books. This promotion runs until the 7th, but I will be doing this as often as I can.

Currently, ‘Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast’ is only available as an e-book. My hope is that in due time, I may be confident enough to publish it as a paperback. Currently, I can’t bring myself to commit to what I’ve written. Once that paper version has been created, I can’t improve on it, and that terrifies me. Only after I’ve had feedback will I be confident enough to go down that route.


Why I Self-Published a Book about Anxiety - Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast!

If you do read the book and wish to leave feedback, you can do so here or on the Amazon product page itself. I value constructive feedback! I won’t attack you for your views or get angry or defensive. This book is supposed to help people who suffer from anxiety, so if it doesn’t do that, I would like to know.

Any money I earn from this book will go into improving it further. This includes, hiring a professional editor, carrying out further research into products, services, and techniques, and publishing the book as a final version in paperback form (with a professionally designed cover).

Thanks for reading! If you know anybody with anxiety, please suggest this book to them. It's relatively short, it's free, and it's full of scientifically supported techniques for reducing anxiety and anxiety symptoms.

Why I Self-Published a Book about Anxiety - Embracing Discomfort: A Guide to Taming the Anxiety Beast!
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Most Helpful Girl

  • This sounds awesome! I hope I can find enough time to read it. Even though our views differ - I'm sure you can still teach me things I do not know.
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    • Cammy137

      Well I've certainly learnt a lot from you in the past, so hopefully I can return the favour!

Most Helpful Guy

  • NerdInDenial
    I rather seek professional help, but good on you.
    Is this still revelant?
    • Cammy137

      I encourage people to seek professional help throughout the book, but its more aimed at people who are unable to.

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  • I will read this soon and do a little review. Thanks so much for making it free! It's actually perfect for where I'm at in life right now.
    • Cammy137

      I really hope that it provides some help, or at the very least, hope! Please let me know what you think. If it's useless and horrible to read, I'd like to know that (although I'm certainly hoping that that isn't the case). Similarly, if there are areas that work or don't work for you, I'd appreciate feedback on that as well. So far nobody has given me feedback, which makes me a little nervous haha

    • I will let you know my thoughts.

  • BronzedAdonis
    shut up and take my money