How are my eating habits?

I'm a teenage girl, a junior in high school curious about my eating habits. They're listed below. Could anyone care to give some feedback? It's not easy for me to eat incredibly healthy super foods all the time, but I try my best to avoid junk food and generally bad stuff. Anyways...

2 eggs, usually. Sometimes fried (not actually fried in oil or grease; if I use anything, it's usually Pam); other times, I scramble them (nothing in the pan); and every so often I'll have an omlet with bits of ham and cheese, though I'll only eat about half on most occassions.

A sandwich, either roast beef, ham, yellow American cheese, salami, turkey, or tuna, with a little bit of either mayo, mustard, or lettuce added. Almost always on whole wheat bread.

Here my eating schedule varies. I have pizza once a week, most often on Friday's, with family. Steak (no sauce, medium to medium-rare) with salad is quite common, as is chicken (baked in an oven). Rarely I'll have Campbell's soup or some Chef Boyardee canned thing (rarely as in maybe twice in two and a half weeks. My dad normally does dinner, and for the past few months quick fixes like burgers or chinese have become more frequently consumed. Chinese is only maybe twice in two weeks, while burgers are a bit more common, like three times in two weeks (four if we have leftovers, though I'll usually opt for a sandwich instead).

Snacks and Drinks:
Fruit- a lot of it. Mangos, apples, grapes, pears, cherries when available, almonds.
Carrots & salad (with small side of Ranch dressing)
I have about two cans of soda a week, but normally drink a lot of milk and water. Orange juice is a staple in the morning for me.
Sometimes I'll indulge a bit with a little ice cream or junk food as a snack, but I strive to keep these to a minimum.

I'm not overweight, just average, and am trying to get a bit toned. I've started swimming, but dieting I've heard is a big factor too. I just wanted to find out how bad or good my habits are right now before I change.
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I'm a little squishy, honestly, around the lower-waist area. Slightly curvy, but I do have muscle. Don't know if that helps any. I'm 5'4 about 134 pounds, literally the average (according to my doctor, anyway).
How are my eating habits?
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