Do I Need A Disclaimer?

This is a round about relationship question as its stopping me from getting closer to guys or having the confidence to approach ones I like.

Basically I've been overweight and I'm in the process of getting rid of the excess (-70lbs so far whoop whoop). Obviously with that amount of weight loss my body breast, stomach esp., arms etc don't look as they should (I'm only 24).

So my question is when/ how should I tell I guy "oh by the way I used to be really fat, but I've lost weight as a result my skin is sagging all over the joint"? I would hate to like some one, get close to them and feel them cringe/wince when they touch/see me...

I do take care of my skin moisturize twice a day and use bio oil even booked myself to get those body wraps so...I dunno. In clothes I feel I have the confidence of a super model but I know I'll have to take them off and reveal myself...

Any insight or advice would be much appreciated.

Much love
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**Thanks so much for answering my questions guys! much appreciated! I'm down 88lbs now whoop, hopefully, once I meet that guy there will be no holes barred :-)**
Do I Need A Disclaimer?
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