Will he come back to me?

My boyfriend said he’s done. I’m wondering if he’s really done or will come back. It was honestly something silly I thought.

He was out of town. I’d made dinner and it looked great. Wanted to show off my cooking skills on social media. Took a snap and captioned it “Wife me up 😋”. Posted to story.

I see that he replies to my story. I think he’s gonna say something cute about my cooking, wifey, etc. Instead he says we’re done, that the post makes him doubt my loyalty and that I probably got a lot of response from other guys posing stuff like that. That he doesn’t want to talk and good bye.

This was late last night probably 2:00 A M. I sent a couple messages explaining that to me it didn’t mean that. He left them on read this morning. I even posted a public disclaimer on my story that my snap had not meant I was looking for a guy that I already had a boyfriend and it just meant that I was able to cook well. He viewed this story also no response.

I thought he just needed a night to cool off so about 8 this morning I sent a long text explaining how much he meant to me and that I’d never hurt him on purpose. That I could see a perspective of that seeking guys’ attention and that I was sorry. That when he was ready to talk to let me know or if he really wanted to break up there wasn’t much else I could do and that I just want him to be happy.

It has been 5 hours since that last long text. He is usually glued to his phone so he probably either isn’t responding or hasn’t taken the time to read all that yet.
What do you think though? It was something so small to me I never would have said it if I thought it was a problem. But all my socials are still connected and texts go through. Do you think he’s really done or just needs to give himself time? I don't know what to do haven’t been able to eat all day and just keep crying

Will he come back to me?
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