I can't stop excessively swallowing my own saliva wtf?

Sorry its so confusing and kinda gross to ask.. but randomly last night at about 12 am.. I became conscious about how much saliva was in my mouth and after that I couldnt stop swallowing it.. it took me till 4 am to finally get to sleep when I attempted to distract myself with as many other things as possible.

The annoying habit or whatever it is continued to the day before.. and its now night of that day and ITS STILL HAPPENING... I can't even talk or sing or do anything.. every 5 seconds saliva builds up in my mouth.. I swallow it and then it happens again.

I heared it was anxiety or some disease? but It can't be a disease cause it only just happened... maybe its anxiety? but if thats the case then why does saliva actually form so much more then it used too wth is going on... please help, I now can't stop eating and drinking because its the only thing that stops me from swallowing saliva but Im not even hungry or thirsty...
I can't stop excessively swallowing my own saliva wtf?
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