Time off for PERIOD CRAMPS?

Time off for PERIOD CRAMPS?
Spain recently drafted a bill that would create a nationwide menstrual leave policy for workers—if a woman gets a doctor’s note for severe period pain, they could take government-funded time off (PTO).

Other countries provide menstrual leave: Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Indonesia, and Zambia.

Research shows that 50%–90% of women experience pain during periods, and 33% say that the pain prevents them from performing daily activities.

Japan has had paid period leave since 1947, but the policy has seen a decline in use.
* In 1965, 26% of women in Japan took menstrual leave.
* In 2022, 1.9% of women say they use it “almost every time”
The top reason for not using their allotted leave is wanting to avoid having an awkward conversation with their male boss or colleagues.

What do you think? Is giving paid time off for period cramps a good idea or not?
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Thanks to all for pointing out that a woman can take time off if she's not feeling good, for cramps or
ay other reason. What's unique about what Spain is doing is that the government, not the employer, would pay for the time off.
Time off for PERIOD CRAMPS?
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