Muscle twitching not stopping, what to do?

I’ve been to the doctor and they all said that the muscle twitching isn’t harmful and can be “normal”. They suggested that I may be dehydrated, stressed or lacking certain vitamins. I did blood work and everything came back well. I do have to say that I am in fact stressed but I’m trying to manage it.
This twitching has been happening for almost 15 years, and it happens in all parts of my body. Even though it’s not painful, it’s really annoying. I often get distracted from my tasks and have to stop because of it. Example: when my hands and fingers twitch I have to stop writing.
I am not dehydrated, my blood work states that I’m not vitamin deficient. I admit that I tend to get stressed sometimes and have trouble sleeping once in a while. Do you think once I improve on that the twitching will stop? Literally as I’m writing this my thighs, neck and scalp are twitching!
Muscle twitching not stopping, what to do?
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