Do you believe weed could kill someone?

My boyfriend and I have this argument constantly, I believe that enough weed could kill someone. Like if they smoke it every hour every single day. Or if they intake to much. He also believes there's a lot of advantages then there are bad disadvantages. I agree to disagree. Why I say that because weed is known to rot out your teeth, increase the risk of falling, ( that’s only for if you get high) depending on the person it can cause a mental health become worse. But I do agree for a certain dose it’s better for mental health, memory, like ADHD, ADd, certain body trauma, like heart disease, body pains. Also it’s better then smoking cigarettes. But I still believe in my analogy, then his.
Do you believe weed could kill someone?
I agree with you,
I agree with your boyfriend
Somewhat agree with both
I’m gonna add my own opinion
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Do you believe weed could kill someone?
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