Weight loss help from someone who knows what they are talking about?

Okay, I need some really good advice here. I don't want to do anything extreme like 500 calories a day and all, because I've been there, and now I weigh MORE and gained MORE than what I lost. So I want to do something that will help me lose weight at a steady pace, but nothing that will make me gain it all back (and some more) if I were to stop. So okay, my story: I was diagnosed with PCOS a few years ago, and that's what's been making it so hard for me to lose weight, and the reason why I gain weight so fast. My heaviest was 315 pounds, and my lowest was 253... I went from 293, to 253 in 5 months doing a bad diet, and when I stopped, I gained it all back and was 298, and then I went back on the same dies, and weighed 262, and then stopped and went back up to 305, and so I became very depressed and gained 10 more pounds. Recently I dropped 7 pounds and gained back 3. So now I weigh 311. And I'm 5'10, not a good look. I mean, I definitely don't look like a weigh that much, but you can tell in mainly my arms and my legs. Not so much of my stomach area. But I just want to know if anyone can really help me, because I'm having such an issue with this, and on one note, I run a mile like 3 days out of the week... It's like things don't add up here. I just want to lose weight once and for all, because I'm sick of feeling so happy, and then seeing myself in pictures thinking I looked fine, when I really look huge and disgusting. So if anyone could help, please feel free to give me some serious advice. Not just opinions, but people who actually know what they are talking about, or have been in my shoes and have lost weight. Thank you!
Weight loss help from someone who knows what they are talking about?
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