The proper way to take a bathroom selfie with a smartphone

Most smart phones now come equipped with a front facing camera feature, specifically for taking selfies. Sometimes, the software isn't pre-loaded. You might be able to download an app to to do this for you, if your phone already has a built in front camera. If you don't have a front facing camera, or if you prefer taking selfies with the other camera, there is a better way to do it.

Yes, your mirror is reflective. Your smartphone also has a huge screen that the camera uses for a viewfinder. Put two-and-two together.

The proper way to take a bathroom selfie with a smartphone:

Hold the phone like this ^

1. Stand back, away from the mirror.

2. Flip the phone around, and point the camera towards you.

3. Use the mirror to look into the huge view-finding screen on your phone.

4. Use your volume or home button as the shutter to capture the photo.

5. Enjoy your selfie, sans the additional bragging. Because everyone knows you really just want to show off your ridiculously expensive phone.

6. (Optional for bonus points) Practice without the mirror. Take about 5 mirror selfies, and pay attention to exactly where you need to hold the phone each time. Get an idea of where you would need to position it, if you didn't have a mirror nearby, then try a few times without.

You don't have to hold the phone out over your head to get a great angle. With enough practice, you can figure out which position works best for you, and you'll be a Selfie Pro in no time.


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  • Correct instructions :

    1. Acknowledge that only massive tools take bathroom selfies.
    2. Put the phone away.
    3. Do something productive that will boost your self esteem more effectively than online flattery.

    • Just because a person takes "selfies" doesn't mean they're fishing for compliments or attention. Some people really enjoy taking pics of them self.

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    • If a crime is just a crime, should stealing a bottle of booze be punished with the same severity as a mass murderer? They are both crimes, after all.

    • Thank you. I agree! I hate camera whores, almost as much I hate seeing their nasty bathrooms.

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  • I think I have better tips:

    1. pull down your pants and sit down at the toilet
    2. take a dump, but do not flush it
    3. wipe your ass (or not!), then stand up, pull your pants back up (or not!)
    4. stay in front of the toilet
    do you see where I'm going with this? No? continue reading...
    5. hold your phone as high as possible above your head at a 70 degree angle
    6. take tons of selfies, make sure you include the toilet behind you
    7. proudly post your selfie, displaying your achievement onh taking a satisfying dump!


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  • Or don't take a selfie in the bathroom.

  • Alright i tried, how is this?

  • 7. Dont show the rotten moldy tiles in the frame

    • Ew do you not clean your house like at least once a week? Maybe once every two weeks? Once a month? WTF how do you have dirty tiles I'm just a little shocked thats all xD

    • my tiles are gleaming actually... I might enter them in a clean tile competition... Im talking about all the amateur photos online taken in bathrooms and kitchens - yukkk.. if you dont believe me I can send you some links... you will be shocked

  • 6. Make sure the toilet isn't in the frame. ...

  • I don't always take selfies in the bathroom but when I do I make sure there is the shit in toilet ( :

  • Alternative : Find a monkey with a DSLR and tell him how much you love amateur photographers with pro-like talent.

  • 8. Make sure the smartphone has a high quality camera

    9. Have enough light in the bathroom.

  • Open ended question, but should you really be taking a selfie in the bathroom? What good can come out of it?

  • Not like this


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