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Ladies low key want a boyfriend like Joe. Agree or disagree?

A boyfriend who looks like Joe? Yes. A boyfriend who acts like Joe? I don't think most women would like a boyfriend who keeps their used tampons in a box, no. Relationships

+1 y

What's the worst birthday you've ever seen?

My family made me cry on my birthday twice. Once when I was a child and once when I was 14 Relationships

+1 y

Why does the relationship last longer when the man is the provider?

Studies show that if the woman is the breadwinner, she's usually still the one doing most of the housework. So those relationships don't last for obvious reasons. Women don't like working all... Relationships

+1 y

Are men hardwired to cheat?

It doesn't matter. People can control themselves Relationships

+1 y

Who is superior? Man or woman?

If you're 45+ then you should really be beyond having these pointless gender debates by now. Relationships

+1 y

Is it wrong to want a virgin husband?

It would be hypocritical if you weren't a virgin, but you are a virgin so it's fine to expect that from a partner. It's not wrong to want to marry someone you're compatible with. Relationships

+1 y

Do you know your attachment style when it comes to relationships?

"Disorganized / Fearful Avoidant The Disorganized Attachment Style, also referred to as Fearful Avoidant, is a contradictory attachment style that alternates between the Preoccupied and... Relationships

+1 y

When are looks more important than personality?

For me, they never are. I assume that people who are interested in no-strings-attached casual sex might say looks are more important in that case. Personally I don't believe in having sex with... Relationships

+1 y

What are your thoughts on sharing your location with your significant other?

Depends on intention. I would actually love to share my location with a loved one so that they would know if I'm being dragged by a kidnapper into a dark alley or something. But if the reason... Relationships

+1 y

What is the worst zodiac sign you have ever encountered?

Not sure. I didn't really pay attention to zodiac signs until recently. Lately I have found the entire natal chart to be interesting Relationships

+1 y

Who values relationships/marriage and commitment more: men or women?

Studies show women and men want relationships equally. However, men are generally more open to having sex without being in a relationship. Relationships

+1 y

"Women mean it when they say they love you, bur then they simply change idea" - what do you think about this quote?

Seems dumb to me. If someone truly loves you then they don't just change their mind Relationships

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